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Power Steering Flushes & Repairs

At Okapro Automotive we perform maintenance flushes, diagnostic and repair on power steering systems in Kelowna. Power steering systems are often forgotten when it comes to maintenance servicing. Most manufacturers don’t have a schedule for power steering services so they get left and then repaired when parts fail. The thing is, when power steering components fail it can be quite costly. Power steering pumps are very expensive and while rebuilt pumps are available to keep cost lower, our experience of over 30 years tells us that cheaper cost now often means more cost later.

When power steering components start fail they often go unnoticed. Often times the steering rack starts to leak into the bellows boots and the power steering fluid level will drop. A lower fluid level will cause wear in the power steering pump which leads to more problems. Or maybe a line starts to leak a little bit. The small leak gets left and and then causes more issues in the rest of the system. We see it time and time again.

​A great way to prevent power steering system failures is to do a system flush. At Okapro we have a special tool specifically for flushing power steering systems. It is designed to suck out the old fluid and introduce new fluid at the same time while the vehicle is running. Each manufacturer is different so at Okapro we make sure you are getting the proper fluid for your vehicle. We also recommend an additive to condition and lubricate seals and gears in the pump. This service helps with power steering component longevity to keep your vehicle on the road with less breakdowns. Preventative maintenance = less major costly repairs.

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