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Suspension Repair In Kelowna

Okapro Automotive is a full service repair shop. Your vehicles suspension is included in that. Your vehicles suspension is vital to the operation of your vehicle. Your vehicles suspension is responsible for ride comfort, cornering, noise, tire wear…you get the picture. Worn suspension is not something to be taken lightly as it plays a major role in your safety on the road as well as your passengers and people in other vehicles.

Suspension components are often replaced under a maintenance schedule. Shocks for example are recommended to be replaced every 80 000 km. At Okapro we recommend following the manufacturers recommendations for replacement. In many cases we have looked at suspension and although nothing looks wrong, there are no leaks and nothing is broken, over time and use it does wear. While you don’t realise it driving every, when you do change suspension components it makes a noticeable difference in how your vehicle feels and handles on the road. 

At Okapro we are not in the business of selling and replacing components that are not worn or in need of replacement. But…regular scheduled maintenance is by far the most effective way of ensuring the safety and longevity of your vehicle.

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