Automotive Belts & Hoses

Vehicle Belts & Hoses

At Okapro Automotive we know belts and hoses are often items that get left and forgotten until they are absolutely necessary. We perform the necessary services for belts and hoses in Kelowna. 

Belts have changed a lot in the last while and the technology now doesn’t always show a worn belt like it used to. Belts used to get little cracks all over grooved surface and they would stretch. There would be definitive indicators to show that the belt needed replacement. 

Belts now need a wear gauge to check them because they don’t crack, they will stretch still but because of automatic belt tensioners and it can be difficult to see if a belt is worn because modern vehicles have covers over a lot of components and things can be very tight fitting in engine bays. When a belt completely wears out it often causes problems with other components and the repair costs grow. The same thing goes with hoses. 

Hoses tend to wear inside the hose. They will often leak or they will swell and it is often difficult to detect until it is too late. Once the part is absolutely required, there are usually other components that have been affected.

Preventative maintenance is the key to your vehicles longevity. Following a maintenance schedule and replacing components as they wear, before they completely fail and cause damage to other things. This helps prevent major repairs and keeps your vehicle in its best operating condition. If you have any questions about your vehicles belts or hoses, drop in at our local repair shop in Kelowna BC, email us or give us a call. We are centrally located in Kelowna and here to help.

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