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Serving Kelowna More than 30 years

A bit of Okapro History

The vision of Okapro Automotive was birthed a long time ago when Theo Pauls was working as a technician in Kamloops.  Theo became fed up with the image of the automotive repair industry and how people were being taken advantage of when their vehicles were in different shops. Theo Pauls and close friend Tony Walde decided they were going to make a difference and open their own auto repair business with the goal of providing a place where people can feel comfortable knowing they are in good hands. It would be a place where they wouldn’t need to worry about having the wool pulled over their eyes but things would be explained to them clearly. 

Okanagan Propane & Automotive

They would be shown the problems physically and they would be treated with respect. They wanted to provide an automotive repair shop where they would feel comfortable sending their moms. This was the start of Okanagan Propane & Automotive. With some pocket change and a trusting landlord they started up their own general automotive repair shop in Kelowna with a specialty in automotive propane systems. Honesty and Integrity were the foundation back then and still are today.

Okapro Automotive: Then and now

The automotive industry is undergoing constant change. There was a time when ignition points were the new thing and then came the electronic controlled ignition. All the while the dealerships were attempting to undermine the independant repair shops or should we say the “dealership alternative”. As vehicles become ever more complex in creation, the diagnostic and repair side also become increasingly complicated. Along with the changing landscape of car manufacturers, the independent shops also needed to make changes in order to adapt and survive in the fast paced world of vehicle service and repair.

modern automotive repair shop in kelowna

It is important to stay current and relevant in the changing culture around us. As propane systems became more expensive to install due to the electronic controls and cost of materials and more and more customers were looking for a shop that would work on all their vehicles it became time to make some changes. It was 2008 and Tony Walde chose to leave the automotive industry and Theo carried on the repair business. Through many ups and downs it became time to re-brand. January of 2013 Okanagan Propane & Automotive was no longer and Okapro Automotive took it’s place as a premium automotive repair shop in Kelowna. It was time to embrace the future and continue to provide quality auto repair and diagnostics to people in Kelowna with any make and model of vehicle.  Fast Forward to today and you will find while a lot has changed there are a few things that haven’t. Theo Pauls owns and operates the now “Okapro Automotive Inc.” along with his wife Shelley. The dynamic duo will make you feel right at home. Since Shelley is one of the sweetest women on the planet, and Theo might as well be nicknamed “Honest Abe”. You will understand right away that there is something special about this place and recognize the whole team is genuinely seeking your best interest as they partner with you in having your vehicle serviced and/or repaired.It’s not just about the get in and get out unscathed by the mechanic mentality. Okapro has become an invaluable resource for so many people in Kelowna. You just need to stop in to find out why.

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Trustworthy Auto Repair in Kelowna BC

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Experience Skills

Okapro has years of experience. Having served Kelowna for over 30 years we have seen a lot and are continually educating ourselves to stay up to date.

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Qualified Technicians

Our Mechanics are red seal certified and go through continued training to make sure they understand the complex systems that make up the new vehicles

affordable service


We believe in providing value to our customers. It is important to be affordable while providing the best service possible.

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Guarantee Services

All our services come with a 12 month 20 000 km warranty in case anything should happen after the repairs are done.

Trusted Work

We stand by our work. If you have work done by one of our technicians and a part fails or there is an issue with the install we have got you covered.

High Quality

We believe in installing quality parts so the repair doesn't need to be done multiple times over. We work with multiple suppliers to ensure we can get the right parts in a timely manner.

Meet Our Team

Auto Repair Professionals

theo pauls, shelley pauls

Theo & Shelley Pauls

Theo and Shelley are owners/operators of Okapro Automotive. When you come to the shop or call you will often be pleasantly greeted by these 2 love birds!

Bob Stutters

Bob Stutters

Bob is a Certified Technician and is the only licensed LNG installer in the valley. He has a wealth of knowledge and experience and often manages the front counter.

Phil Neufeld

Phil Neufeld

Phil is a Certified Technician. His creative abilities are second to none and can build just about anything with a welder and a 45 gallon drum.

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