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Differential Repair In Kelowna

Differentials undergo a huge amount of stress while you are driving. The demand on them has increased substantially as vehicles have become more capable of cornering at higher speeds and pulling and hauling heavier loads. Because of the new development of differentials and the increasing demand we regularly put on them, it is important to maintain them. Often they have specific fluid that is they require if the are limited slip or have posi-trac. The stress they are under breaks down the fluid and it needs to be checked and serviced regularly.

​At Okapro we are not strangers to differential servicing and repair in Kelowna. We have seen and experienced a lot and can tell you that when diffs are not serviced regularly the damage can be pretty catastrophic. In many cases instead of just replacing a bearing or a set of gears you need to replace a whole rear axle. Preventative maintenance can play a large part in keeping your vehicle on the road and out of the shop. ​

Differential Fluid

Differential fluids come in many different types. Vehicle manufacturers often have specific fluids for specific vehicles. Whether the viscosity is different or the additive package in their recommended fluid is different. It is important to use the proper product in your vehicles differentials otherwise they can be damaged. At Okapro Automotive we use products that meet or exceed the factory requirements so that your vehicle will continue to perform as it was designed.

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