Automotive Air Conditioning Services In Kelowna

Professional Air Conditioning Diagnosis & Repair

At Okapro Automotive we diagnose and repair automotive A/C systems on all makes and models of vehicles. Whether you have a North American brand of vehicle, Asian Import or European Import, we have the knowledge and expertise to diagnose your vehicles air conditioning problem and repair it to keep you comfortable in the Okanagan heat. ​​

Get a Complete A/C System Service!

The Okapro Complete A/C system service includes:

  • hooking up our A/C identifier which tells us if your vehicle’s refrigerant is recyclable or not.
  • We then connect pressure gauges to check the mechanical operation of your vehicles A/C system. 
  • Determine whether it is an electrical control issue or not.
  • Recover the refrigerant. Most often the refrigerant used is called R-134A but new product has come out called 1234yf which auto manufacturers are transitioning to. Hydro carbon based products can also be found but cannot be mixed with other refrigerants. In this case special equipment is used for recovery and it is disposed of according as it cannot be reused.

Once your vehicles air conditioning system no longer has refrigerant in it we can further test for leaks by perform a vacuum leak test and charging it with nitrogen as well. 

Once a leak has been verified and pinpointed we can perform the repair and finally recharge with the manufacturer specified refrigerant to proper amount. Automotive air conditioning system testing can be tedious work that often requires special tools for tracing leaks and testing systems. Contact us at Okapro Automotive Inc. for more information on automotive air conditioning systems.

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