EGR System Cleaning

Diesel EGR Cleaning

At Okapro we are capable of cleaning the carbon out of your vehicle’s engine. Whether you are driving a Ford truck or a VW car, carbon buildup is an issue and will continue to be an issue. The most common areas of carbon buildup are in the EGR system and on newer vehicles with direct injection carbon builds up on the intake valves. Carbon cleaning on diesels and on direct injection engines is becoming normal and it is recommended to factor a carbon cleaning service into regular scheduled servicing.

EGR cleaning on vehicle generally requires special tools and products. At Okapro we use a product by TerraClean as well as their servicing tool. We have found that the TerraClean product provides superior results compared to multiple other brands on the market and the servicing tool is the same. ​

EGR system

There has been lots of discussion in the auto repair industry about emissions focusing on diesel emissions lately and things have gotten a whole lot more serious. EGR stands for Exhaust Gas Re-circulation. This is a standard on automotive engines to help reduce NOX gases that come out of the vehicles tailpipe. You can read more about NOX gases HERE if you would like. EGR systems take exhaust gases and direct a controlled amount back into the intake to be mixed with air and fuel to create a cooler combustion with less oxygen in the mix. This results in less NOX gases being created. This design attempts to prevent the NOX gases from being formed but in the process it creates a buildup of soot inside the engine. This buildup of soot hardens and becomes the carbon that we are forever battling. Carbon buildup in turn leads to higher cost of maintenance and repairs because of an increase in part failures.

​EGR is a major problem on the diesel trucks because it runs through many components. EGR gases can get to anywhere in the exhaust system including the turbocharger. This means you get carbon building up on the vane adjusters in the turbo which will prevent the turbo from boosting properly. Ultimately this ends in turbo failure which is not cheap; thus the recommendation for carbon cleaning!

Carbon Build Up On Gasoline Vehicles

Can you get carbon buildup in your gasoline powered vehicle? Yes. The systems work the same way. Carbon buildup in gasoline engines can be a serious issue. Gasoline engines generally do not have designated coolers like the diesels do but the exhaust gases still go through a cooling process and will leave behind buildup that over time will be damaging.

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