Vehicle Inspections In Kelowna

Provincial Vehicle Inspections In Kelowna

At Okapro Automotive we are a Licensed Motor Vehicle Inspection Facility and can perform Provincial Motor Vehicle Inspections in Kelowna BC. Often this type of Vehicle Inspection is referred to as an Out Of Province Inspection. For example: If you move to Kelowna BC from Alberta and you have a vehicle with Alberta license plates, in order to insure your vehicle in BC you will need to pass a Provincial Vehicle Inspection before ICBC will insure your vehicle. A Provincial MVI(motor vehicle inspection) can only be done by a shop that is government certified with licensed Inspectors.

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Okapro Automotive Is a Certified Motor Vehicle Inspection Facility In Kelowna BC

Looking For An Out Of Province Vehicle Inspection?

Okapro Automotive Inc. is a Certified Motorvehicle Inspection Facility. Under CVSE we are quailified for the following inspection classifications:

  • Class – 1 – Motor vehicle with lic. GVW of 5,500 kgs or less
  • Class – 2 – Motor vehicle with lic. GVW of more than 5,500kgs
  • Class – 3 – Trailer and semi-trailer
  • Class – 4 – Bus
  • Endors – 2 – Pressure Fuel
  • Endors – 3 – New to BC

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Other Vehicle Inspections At Okapro‚Äč

Courtesy Inspection

Our courtesy inspection is great. This inspection is bumper to bumper and covers the major components as well as things like coolant strength and quality, brake fluid quality and other fluids that are important to the operation of your vehicle. This inspection is as thorough as it gets without removing the wheels of the vehicle to physically measure brakes. It is a no wrench maintenance and safety inspection to make sure you know your vehicle is safe and understand what is necessary to keep it in it’s best operating condition. This inspection is an add-on with other services that your vehicle is scheduled for.

Pre-Purchase Inspection

What do you do if you are looking at buying a vehicle but you are unsure if there are issues with it? Is this vehicle a good option? Deciding on which vehicle to buy is a big decision and not one to be taken lightly. It usually involves a sizable amount of money and is often referred to as the second largest investment that a person will make next to purchasing a house! How do you know if a vehicle is in good health? How will you know if the vehicle will need any additional cost for maintenance and repairs on top of the purchase price? At Okapro Automotive we offer a Pre-Purchase Inspection for just that purpose. We visually go over your vehicle and check it top to bottom, scan all the vehicles modules, test the battery and charging system and so much more!

Comprehensive Inspection

Our Comprehensive Inspection is the most thorough Inspection you will find out there. It covers over 100 items. This is where you find out all of your vehicle’s secrets. The Comprehensive Inspection is often recommended as a pre-purchase inspection as well as a proof of condition inspection for when you want to sell your vehicle.