Kelowna Oil Change

Kelowna Oil Changes

The engine oil change is so important to the operation of your vehicle. It is often overlooked but is pivotal in keeping your vehicle in it’s best operating condition. Vehicle engines are getting more and more complex as the years go on and engine oil quality has never been so important as it is now. Components in your vehicles engine run with a gap clearance measured in microns where the oil can move through. If that oil gets dirty or loses its lubricity then it can cause wear in your engine which will decrease it’s life expectancy. Regular scheduled maintenance is by far the best way to preserve your vehicle and improve longevity of your engines components.

Why Is It Important To Use Quality Oil?

Engine oil does more than just lubricate the moving components in your engine. It also provides cooling. There is an enormous amount of heat generated from the components moving past each other and as the oil cycles through it cools components while at the same time allowing them to move freely.

When your engine oil starts to get dirty, it starts to build up a varnish on components as well as it gets sludgy. When this buildup occurs it creates friction between components and while it causes wear, the engine also works harder and in turn will use more fuel. Frequent oil changes not only helps prevent sludge and varnish buildup but also improves fuel mileage.


15000km Intervals is not regular maintenance

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Keep Your Vehicle Running Longer WIth An Oil Change and Safety Inspection At Okapro Automotive

At Okapro we perform Engine Oil Change Services. A regular non-synthetic oil with a standard filter, or a full synthetic oil service with a high mileage filter build for longer oil change intervals. Along with our services we perform a courtesy safety inspection to make sure your vehicle is safe for you and others on the road.

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