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Transmission Fluid Service

Transmissions are a vital part of your vehicle and they all too often get forgotten about until it is too late. Many auto manufacturers use what they call a “lifetime fluid” in their transmissions. This leads a person to believe that they never need to service their transmission fluid and that is just not the case. In many cases the manufacturers don’t even have a recommended transmission fluid service in their maintenance schedule! We have experienced many times how short the “lifetime” of any transmission can be if not serviced so we provide a few options for transmission service. If you have any questions about your vehicles transmission or what we would recommend for service intervals give us a call or drop in and chat with us. Every transmission is different.

Automatic Transmission Synthetic Fluid Flush

Our automatic transmission fluid (ATF)  flush uses premium quality synthetic transmission fluid that meets and/or exceeds factory specifications. Our average transmission service uses 12 liters of full synthetic ATF.

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