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Okapro Automotive is a full service auto repair shop in Kelowna BC. We have access to multiple major warehouses across Canada which means we can get the right tire for your your vehicle. We can mount and balance tires, repair leaking tires and dispose of your unwanted tires as well. ​

Winter Tires In Kelowna

Here in Kelowna BC, we experience all weather conditions. From the blazing hot sun to the freezing blizzard we need to be prepared for it all. Winter tires are highly recommended when it comes to driving in the Okanagan in the winter time.

In most cases in the cities one can get by with an all season tire but once you start travelling through the passes the safety and dependability of a good quality winter tire is unmatched.

Winter tires are easily recognisable by the extra siping in the tread which look like multiple little cuts or cracks in the tire tread, as well as the mountain snowflake that is stamped into the sidewall.

Winter tires are rated for specific temperature ratings that help the rubber compound perform best in colder weather. The excess of siping allows for the tire to get traction on ice so you don’t slide all over the place.

If you are looking for a good quality winter tire that fits your budget give us a call and let us help you out.

Summer Tires In Kelowna

Have you ever wondered why some tires have large smooth sections with a couple big grooves running along the tire tread? Most likely those would be summer tires. The big smooth sections are for gripping the pavement and the grooves in the tire are for handling and keeping traction when driving through puddles so you don’t hydro plane. Summer tires have a special rubber composition that makes the rubber more sticky as it gets warmer outside. Often summer tires have a higher grip rating than other tires but along with a higher grip rating often comes with a lower tread wear rating so the tires wear out faster. Summer tires are by far the best option for summer driving being that they are specifically designed for it but they often lack in other weather conditions. Having summer tires for summer and winter tires for winter is a great way to keep things balanced for the weather conditions.

All Weather Tires VS All Season Tires

It has been established that winter tires are best for winter and summer tires are best for summer. What about the all season category? Not only that, now there are all season tires and all weather tires? Is it a money grab by manufacturers relabeling to sell more tires? The answer is no. There are major differences between all season tires and all weather tires. All season tires are actually only rated for 3 seasons, winter NOT being one of them. All season tires are generally a firmer rubber compound and lose traction when the temperatures reach below 7 degrees Celsius. All weather tires on the other hand are true 4 season tire. They are rated for winter as well as summer and the rubber compound is softer and does not lose traction below 7 degrees Celsius. All weather tires also will have more siping in the tread which allows for more traction on ice surfaces. All Season Tires and All Weather Tires are NOT the same thing.

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