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At Okapro we perform brake service and repair a lot. As technology on vehicles in Kelowna and all over the globe is getting more advanced, brake repairs in Kelowna are more advanced and technical now than it has ever been. 

A couple brake challenges: 

(1) Diagnose brake issues and (2) Repair them. We are now dealing with systems that apply the brakes every once in a while when it is raining outside just to keep them dry. It is not uncommon for the vehicle senses when you approaching an object and applies the brakes on its own. 

Having an electronic brake system where the car applies the brakes for you before you even know you need to brake means there are more than just brake pads and brake rotors in the equation. 

Now electronic modules, sensors and suspension components play a role in your braking system as well. At Okapro we are qualified to work on these systems to keep you and others safe on the roads.

Best Kelowna Brake Repair Shop

Proper brake service in kelowna is vital in terms of safety on the roads. When looking for a Kelowna mechanic that does the best brake service in Kelowna, come see us at Okapro Automotive. There is a large focus across the industry on horsepower and things that make your car go, but if you are all go and no slow then you’ve got a serious issue on your hands.

Why Replace Brake Pads & Brake Rotors

There was a time when you would just slap some new pads on old rotors, maybe machine the rotors and away you went. Well those days are over. Nowadays it is common to replace rotors with every set of brake pads. Cost, comfort and convenience are the driving forces behind this. 

Rotors on vehicles today are cut to a specific thickness and don’t allow for much material to be taken off. When you remove material from the rotor it makes it thin and in many cases it will get too hot and warp causing a pulsation while braking. For the cost of machining a rotor it is advantageous to just buy new rotors.

How long do New Brake Pads & Brake Rotors Last?

Rotors come in many different grade levels. If you are getting them changed at a reputable shop, they likely will not sell you the absolute cheapest product. This is a good thing. You get what you pay for. For the average person in Kelowna, a middle of the road product may get you by. With that said if you buy better quality products your brakes will be quieter, last longer and if the shop is a reputable shop they will provide a warranty on the products they sell.

At Okapro we have seen far too many times where a cheap product has produced cheap results. Being in the business for over 30 years in Kelowna we have experience in what works and what doesn’t. We understand the cost of brake repairs and the inconvenience of vehicle repairs.  We will advocate for you to get the best quality parts at the best price.

Quality brake parts installed the first time allows you to drive safely, be at the shop less and gives you a confidence in your vehicles ability to perform when necessary for those just in case moments. Your safety along with the safety of others on the road is our primary concern.

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Emergency Automotive Brake Repairs

When you are travelling one of the biggest time wasters is vehicle brake problems. Here you are on your trip and your Brake light comes on and your vehicle starts makeing a grinding noise. Perhaps your coming down a long hill from Merritt BC and you step on your brakes to slow down your vehicle and you feel a vibration in your brake pedal or in the steering wheel. What is the first thing you do? Ask Google or Siri, ” find a brake repair shop near me”. Either they give you an address or it brings up a google search. 

Google maps is one of the best things for finding local services, especially automotive repair shops. You get a whole bunch of shops showing up in a small radius around you and you can have access to a range of information including customer reviews. When you are travelling through Kelowna on a Holiday, lucky for you, Okapro Automotive is centrally located in Kelowna BC, Canada and has the expertise to get you back on the road quickly and safely. 

Serving people in Kelowna for over 30 years means you can trust that you will get the best brake repair in Kelowna possible in to make your stay short so you can continue your enjoyable journey. When you are looking for a local brake service shop in Kelowna, talk to us at Okapro Automotive!

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Why You Should Change Your Brake Fluid

Have you ever been to a shop and they do a courtesy inspection wich leads them to tell you that you need to change your brake fluid? Do you ever wonder “do I really need to?”. 

The answer to your question is maybe. Was your brake fluid tested? Which method of testing was used? Here is some information on brake fluid and testing methods so that you can be informed.

There are 2 types of brake fluid testing. It doesn’t matter if you run DOT 3 or DOT 4 fluid. Most people don’t know the difference, hopefully the shop you have your vehicle at does…These testing methods apply to brake fluid period.

Brake Fluid Testing: What is the best way to test Your Brake Fluid

Moisture Testinging Brake Fluid

Moisture testing means the brake service shop used a special tool that when dipped into the brake fluid, it measures the moisture content as a percentage(%) of your brake fluid. 

Why do we care about the amount of moisture in your brake fluid? Your brake system is considered a hydraulic system and it reaches extremely high pressures under heavy brake applications. 

In a closed hydraulic system there is special fluid designed to maintain pressure. It is the fluid pressure that causes the caliper pistons to push on the brake pads which pinch the rotors helping stop your vehicle. Moisture under pressure turns to steam. Heat and pressure evaporates the water and the problem with that is air does not compress. 

This means that  if you have too much moisture in your brake system and you press hard on the brake pedal in an emergency stop, the moisture vaporizes and now your have air in the system. This will reduce the amount of squeeze that your brakes are capable of and will increase how long it takes you to stop.

Having moisture in your brake fluid can often result in a “spongy feeling” pedal and can prevent your vehicle from stopping properly.

Copper Testing

Copper content is exactly as it sounds. A strip is dipped into your brake fluid and the colour change determines the Copper Content of your brake fluid measured in parts per million(ppm). It is often thought that there is no copper in a brake system but if we look at the components that make up the brake hydraulic system we soon realize that not only is there copper but measuring copper content goes beyond how much copper is in your brake system and measures the corrosivity of the brake fluid’s environment and the ability for the brake fluid to protect against corrosion.

Where is copper found in my Vehicles Brake System?

The main location of copper in a braking system is actually the brake lines themselves. They are created using a product called “Bundy Tube or Bundy Pipe”. It is made with a copper coated steel strip that is rolled and welded by a process called “Bundy Welding”. Refer to the link below for more info on that process. 

Bundy Tube is very commonly used by auto manufacturers and performs well for brake fluid lines so I don’t think it will be disappearing any time soon. Studies done by the SAE(Society of Automotive Engineers) show that the glycol in brake fluid is corrosive to copper thus the introduction of corrosion inhibitors in brake fluid. 

As you compress brake fluid it gets very hot and this repeating process breaks down the corrosion inhibitors which in turn leaves the copper vulnerable to corrosion. As copper corrodes it oxidizes and the oxygen presence accelerates corrosion. As this process increases the iron in your brake system also becomes susceptible to corrosion. 

Common Brake Issues to watch And Listen For

If you experience or notice any of these issues then make sure to visit our auto repair shop in Kelowna to get them fixed.